Graduate Students

Graduate students can find useful tools at the Strommen Center, whether you’re trying to advance your career or make a change.

The Strommen Center is open for graduate students as well. All service we offer for undergraduates are also available for graduates. We can help with:

  • resume and CV writing
  • cover letters
  • informational interviews
  • interview preparation
  • career planning
  • writing a personal statement

We can tailor our work to meet the needs of your specific career path and help support you on your journey.

11 Sneaky RESUME Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Job Search

The elusive key to career triumph lies within the intricate tapestry of well-crafted resume, a symphony of skills, experiences, and potential harmonizing in perfect unison. Yet, amidst this grand orchestration, treacherous pitfalls await the unwary seeker. Fear not, for we …

By Kate William
Kate William
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Mastering the Art of Writing a Professional Cover Letter

No one enjoys the daunting task of job hunting. From searching through online listings to refining your résumé, the process can be overwhelming. However, one crucial aspect that often poses a challenge is crafting an effective cover letter. With conflicting …

By Kate William
Kate William
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“No One Wants to Work” and Other Current Workplace Myths

As the US recovers from the COVID 19 pandemic, you may hear statements often repeated about the workforce and state of job prospects. I’ve heard several people in my personal life proclaim that “no one wants to work anymore” and …

By Gina Musto
Gina Musto Career Services Manager
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Avoiding Literary and Publishing Scams

It’s likely no surprise that publishing your work as a writer can be difficult. Whether you’re looking at larger press and finding an agent, going through a smaller publishing house that accepts unsolicited manuscripts, or looking at self-publishing, there can …

By Gina Musto
Gina Musto Career Services Manager
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‘I Had to Choose Myself’: A First-Gen Story

Selena Bush, 26, is a senior at Roosevelt University, in Chicago, where she is majoring in biology. She’s had false starts in her college education and heavy family and financial burdens, working as many as 60 hours a week in …

By Alexander C. Kafka
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Career Resources

According to data from the end of 2018, U.S. adults spend almost half of each day interacting with media at …

Employment discrimination occurs when a person or a group of people are treated unfairly or unequally because of specific characteristics. …

AI (Artificial Intelligence) such as Bard, ChatGPT, etc., are powerful tools that can assist you in many parts of career …

What does social media have to do with your career? Well, sometimes everything. From some schools who are making LinkedIn …

You’ve completed the application process, submitted your resume and cover letter, and had a successful interview (or two). Now you’ve …

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