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Great remote jobs in business and consumer services

Almost as quickly as employers required almost all knowledge-based employees to work remotely due to the pandemic, those same employers are now pushing those same employees to return to the office either full-time or on a hybrid basis.

But just …

By College Recruiter
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Alice Wen: Leveraging an MBA in the US tech industry

Alice Wen: Leveraging an MBA in the US Tech Industry was originally published on Interstride.

International alumna Alice Wen recently graduated with an MBA from Rice University and is currently working at Dell as a Global Commodity Manager. Before her …

By Alice Wen
Alice Wen
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How can international students get tech jobs in the US

How can international students get tech jobs in the US was originally published on Interstride.

Technology jobs encompass many rapidly growing fields including software development, AI, web development, and robotics. For international students in the US, the tech field represents …

By Interstride Staff
Interstride Staff
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Top 16+ Jobs for Computer Science Majors

The best jobs for computer science majors include well-paying careers with high projected employment growth rates over the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer science jobs have a median annual salary of $97,430. Considering …

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Auggie Highlight: Ridwan Abdi

Ridwan is a currently a senior and will be graduating in May 2024. She just accepted a full-time position and will start after graduation. Let’s hear more from Ridwan.

Major: Data Science & Computer Science

Job title/Employer: Data Engineer with …

By Ma Xiong-Nguyen
Ma Xiong-Nguyen Career Services Program Manager
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