International students have particular challenges and opportunities when looking for work. Explore the resources here to find helpful information.


International students in F-1 status wishing to complete an off-campus internship opportunity, must register their internship for academic credit and apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) prior to beginning an internship experience. Below is a step by step guide to registering your internship experience. For additional information on regulations for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), please visit the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Employment page or contact an ISSS Advisor.

1.  Attend a CPT Group or 1:1 Advising Session

2.  Report Your Internship Site

3.  Complete One of the Following Registration Forms

  • INTERNSHIPS FOR CREDIT (2 or 4 credit): Internship Registration Form  We strongly recommend that you discuss your internship with your faculty supervisor prior to completing this registration form.  Each department has assignments that are required as part of your internship, so receiving approval in advance is important. Students registering for internships in PSY, URB, SOC, BUS have internship seminars required as part of your for credit internship. This form will automatically be sent to your faculty supervisor, department chair and the Strommen Center for approval.
  • 0-CREDIT INTERNSHIPS:  Complete the online Augsburg Experience Internship Form      (Minimum 80 hours per semester are required) Schedule a 15-minute virtual registration appointment with Sandy Tilton in Handshake  prior to completing the online approval form.

4.  Meet an ISSS Advisor for CPT Authorization

  • Bring the completed Curricular Practical Training Request and Verification Form   and the job offer that includes the position title, employer name and address, work hours/week, etc. to your meeting with your ISSS advisor.
  • You will receive a new I-20 form with the CPT authorization printed on the 2nd page. Page 2 of this new I-20 form serves as the legal proof to your off-campus employment eligibility during the time period you are authorized.

5.  You May Begin Your Internship.

  • Due to government regulations, you must have CPT authorization before you begin your internship. You can not start training, orientation, or work before you complete your paperwork with Strommen and ISSS.


Make the Most of Your Internship

• Completed form due within 3 weeks from internship start date.
Preview the questions before filling out the online form.
• PSY 400 & SOC 399 students will complete their learning goals in class. All others will fill out the following form.
Learning Goals Form

• As you wrap up your internship, final evaluations will be emailed directly to you and your site supervisor to complete two weeks prior to the end of the semester.
• Please contact the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work if you would like your evaluations sent earlier – or 612-330-1148.

• 2 or 4 credit internships: your faculty supervisor will determine the assignments and due dates.
• 0 credit Augsburg Experience: you will turn in a final reflection paper at the end of the semester. Check your Moodle course for instructions and due dates.

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