On-Campus Jobs that don’t require work study and Close-to-Campus Jobs

On-campus jobs can be tough to come by, as they require work study eligibility and there is more interest in those jobs than available positions. So the Strommen Center has put together a document listing some organizations on-campus and close-to-campus that might be of interest for folks looking for part time work. The full document can be found here and will be continually updated as more recommended places come our way!

For those set on on-campus work, there are two hiring companies that work out of Augsburg but are not directly run by the university (and thus don’t require work study eligibility). The first is Campus Dining Services, which includes all dining options on campus (The Commons, Nabo, Einstein’s, and Kafe Kafeega). They have a specific page for student employment options (which takes you to Elior North America, who owns the food service company Augsburg uses). There, you can search for any open positions across campus. The second on-campus work options is the Augsburg Bookstore, which is managed by Barnes and Noble. Similar to Campus Dining, Barnes and Noble Education’s job site allows you to search throughout Minneapolis for all university that use Barnes and Noble in their bookstores and each posting will note what campus they are at.

Thanks to the plethora of restaurants, art venues, and activities in the Cedar-Riverside, Elliot Park, Ventura, Seward, and Longfellow neighborhoods, there are many possibilities for work close to campus. The button to the above spreadsheet is only a short collection of them and we’ll continue to add to it as we learn about more!

By Gina Musto
Gina Musto Program Manager, Career Services