Travelers EDGE Internship Presentations

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(left to right) Ma Xiong-Nguyen (Augsburg Program Manager), PaNhia Yang (Augsburg Scholar), Esteisy Mattin (St. Paul College Scholar), Aphrodite Lee (Augsburg Scholar), Emily Vang (Augsburg Scholar), Ivelisse Maldonado (Travelers EDGE Program Manager), Liya Abrha (Augsburg Scholar), Novilab Tesfahiwet (Metro State University Scholar), Ko Meh (Augsburg Scholar), Than Hla (Augsburg Scholar), Judi Ohochukwu (St. Paul College Program Manager).

Travelers EDGE Scholars wrapped up their 8 weeks internship at Travelers with final presentations. Six Augsburg University Scholars, pictured above, shared their experience working in various sectors such as: corporate tax, middle market field, retail marketing and more. In their various roles, Scholars felt more than just an intern. All the tasks, projects and activities they worked on provided value to Travelers’ work. All Scholars have shown tremendous growth in their personal and professional skills.

Scholar Highlight:

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I am a rising junior studying finance at Augsburg University. I interned at Travelers with the corporate tax department. My main responsibilities included being a preparer and a reviewer. I am additionally exposed to various roles within the team – for example, printing/assembling tax return workpapers and reviewing work for the international team.

Interning at Travelers has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiments I have ventured, meeting professionals at Travelers and working with the tax team has been wonderful and very eye opening to the tax field. Among many great and valuable experiences, one of my favorite things I have enjoyed this summer is interning with my EDGE cohort! I love my EDGE family here at Augsburg and this past summer I was able to meet up with them during lunch or sometimes work away from my desk to sit down and catch up.

I’m a rising junior at Augsburg University majoring in finance. This summer I got the opportunity to intern at Travelers through the Travelers EDGE program. I interned in the corporate tax department. As an intern I prepared federal income tax return, final g/l and work on international foreign forms. During my time there I gained and-sharpened many skills in terms of communication, analytical and team work. My favorite part about interning at Traveler was the work culture. As an intern I felt valued and respected. I also got to network with other interns and professionals. My internship experience at Travelers have given me growth in my professional career.

Ko Meh, Junior/Travelers EDGE Scholar

By Ma Xiong-Nguyen
Ma Xiong-Nguyen Career Services Program Manager