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Article: Tough Love for Your Personal Statement

Explore Health Careers

Health Professions Application Timeline Guide

Health Professions GPA Guide

Personal Statement Prompts


American Dental Education Association

Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (Centralized Application for Dental Schools)

Pre-Dental Planning Guide

Doctor (MD)

Association of American Medical Colleges

American Medical College Application Service (Centralized Application for Medical Schools)

Exploring Health Professions: Doctor

Pre-Med Planning Guide

2024 AMCAS Application Workbook

Post-Baccalaureate Program Guide


General/Undecided Pre-Health Planning Guide

Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor Education Association

National Society of Genetic Counselors

Exploring Health Professions: Genetic Counselor


Article: Is an MD/PhD Program Right for Me?

Webpage: MD/PhD Dual Degree Training (AAMC)


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Pharmacy College Application Service (Centralized Application for Pharmacy School)

Pre-Pharmacy Planning Guide

Physical Therapist

American Physical Therapy Association Academy of Education

Pre-Physical Therapist Planning Guide

Physician Associate/Assistant

PA Education Association

Exploring Health Professions: Physician Associate/Assistant

Pre-Physician Associate/Assistant Planning Guide

PA School Academic Prerequisites


American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges

Pre-Veterinarian Planning Guide

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