Resume Resources


How to Write a Resume – an overview of best practices for resume writing

Resume Power Verbs – verb options based on different types of skills (problem solving, communication, etc) to help you describe your skills and work tasks

Resume Prep Worksheet – a step-by-step guide for writing up the various sections needed on a resume

Writing Resume Bullet Points for Customer Service Roles – a specific look at how to craft resume sections related to part-time jobs and other customer services experience

Resume Templates and Examples

Resume Template (Word document)

Resume Template (PDF)

Resume Example: Freddy First Year

Resume Example: Jordan Jobs

Resume Example: Corey Campus

Resume Example: Francesca First-Year – an good example of what you can have to apply for on-campus/work study jobs

Alternative Resume Style Templates

These resume styles can be particularly helpful for those going through a large career change or attending school for a new discipline. See the How to Write a Resume Guide for more information.

Functional Resume: John M. Smith

Combination Resume: Carrie Counselor

Resume Examples by Area of Study

Business/MBA: Maxwell Sample

Education: Ellen Education and Kaylee Education

English/MFA: Kim R. Writer

Heath/Exercise Science: Margie Fitness

Humanities/Social Sciences (Interdisciplinary): Andrea Travel

IT/MIS: Pam M. Graduate

Psychology/Social Work: Leah M. Helper

Theater: Drama Llama and I.M. Thespian (artistic works)