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Networking Effectively During an Internship

Networking Effectively During an Internship was written by Rob Porter and originally published on Firsthand.

A great internship is full of potential for your career. For starters, an internship can provide a direct path to full-time employment, but this isn’t …

By Rob Porter
Rob Porter
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4 Reasons You Need a Mentor to Advance Your Career

You have a great educational background, significant work experience, and impressive extracurriculars. But you’re still having a hard time taking the next step in your career. Why? The answer could be you haven’t found the right mentor. Here are four reasons …

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How work mentors can help LGBTQ+ people overcome imposter syndrome and thrive

October 26th, 2023 | by Erik Niewiarowski

Having a mentor at work can provide invaluable support for individuals facing self-doubt and imposter syndrome, offering them guidance, confidence and the opportunity to thrive in their careers.

New data from the online mentoring …

By Erik Niewiarowski
Erik Niewiarowski
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‘What Is My Passion?’ Quiz: A No-Stress Way to Learn What to Do in Life

We’ve all heard that if we love what we do, we won’t feel like we’ve worked a day in our lives. But how can you figure out what career you might love if you don’t know your passion? If you’re …

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What Does “a Culture of Kindness” Actually Mean? (And How do You Create One?)

Perhaps it’s no secret that when people are kind to one another, they’re also happier. And when they’re more comfortable, they find themselves more content with their day-to-day.

There’s no exception in the workplace.

Kindness.org recently commissioned Beekman 1802 to …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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We get it – networking events can feel intimidating! Walking into a room full of unfamiliar faces, trying to strike up …

Recruiters pay thousands of dollars for powerful LinkedIn search tools that highlight candidates based on hyper-specific keywords and algorithms. Hiring …

Why attend a job fair?

Job fairs are the perfect way to meet face-to-face with employers and recruiters rather than …

What does social media have to do with your career? Well, sometimes everything. From some schools who are making LinkedIn …

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