Arts and Humanities: You have more options than you think

April 6th, 2023 | by Abby Bulger, Macalester College

‘What are you gonna do with that major? You’ll never make any money majoring in that.’ These are some of the age-old comments and questions that people interested in the arts and …

By Abby Bulger
Abby Bulger
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Making Space for the Humanities Off Campus

Night School Bar and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research offer alternatives to traditional academe.

by Ariannah Kubli | February 14, 2024

As Lindsey Andrews prepares to teach, she searches for a misplaced HDMI cord. “If I can’t find it, I’ll …

By Ariannah Kubli
Ariannah Kubli
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What Creative Career Is Right for Me? Quiz

Maybe you love to paint or draw; maybe your friends always come to you to come up with the most exciting party ideas; maybe you’re the one who always suggests karaoke or craft nights. You’re creative — that’s incredible! If …

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10 Perfect Jobs for History Majors (That Aren’t Historian or Professor)

If you have an undergraduate degree in history, you might be surprised to discover just how many other professionals do too. Although the number of history majors is declining every year, more than a million people currently in the workforce

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How can a Liberal Arts degree make you a great employee?

by Rachel Ashley, Assistant Director of Communications, IWU-National and Global

Years ago, when I was making decisions about my college degree program, people were actively debating the value and purpose of a liberal arts degree. That conversation has since faded …

By Rachel Ashley
Rachel Ashley
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