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From Veteran To Director

From Veteran to Director was originally published on Power to Fly.

How Light & Wonder’s Tonia Adams harnessed transferable skills to build her career

Tonia Adams comes from a family of military veterans; her dad served in the Army and …

By Power to Fly Staff
Power to Fly Staff
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Machine Learning vs. AI: What’s the Difference?

With all the talk about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the world, you may be wondering what the difference is between all the concepts being tossed around these days: machine learning vs. AI or AI vs. machine learning vs. deep …

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Mastering the Art of Curveball Interview Questions: Your Key to Success

Are you ready to elevate your interview game and stand out from the crowd? If so, then it’s time to master the art of curveball interview questions. Designed to probe your critical thinking skills and reveal your true character, these …

By Liz Seminario Benites
Liz Seminario Benites
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How to Land Your First Civilian Job: A Guide for Veterans

How to Land Your First Civilian Job: A Guide for Veterans is by Jason Henrichs and was originally posted on The Muse

The U.S. military is arguably the most effective training machine ever created, turning civilians from all walks of …

By Jason Henrichs
Jason Henrichs
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Gen Z: Hugely Stressed But Believing in a Better Future

Gen Z: Hugely Stressed But Believing In A Better Future

by Mark C. Perna | Mar 19, 2024,06:00pm EDT

Many young people are confident about the future—but they still need guidance at work. Here’s some advice on finding the right mentor …

By Mark C. Perna
Mark C. Perna
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